My Writing Process Blog Tour

Hi guys!

I have been invited by the lovely Jacqui at Goodfoodseeking to participate in the Writing process Blog Tour 🙂
It seemed like fun so I’m in!
Please check out her blog if you haven’t!
I love her cakes and especially her Minion Cake! (I love Minions…)
But I also like her goal: “I decided one day that I was going to cook every recipe in a cook book I inherited from my Grannie.” LOVE IT!
Thank you, Jacqui!

blog progress

So, I have to answer 4 questions.

What am I working on?
I’m looking for new recipes to try this summer. I want to use my other 32 cookbooks I almost never use :p
I also want to make dishes that doesn’t just scream “calorie” or “dessert” or “chocolate”… It’s going to be tough, I know.
Besides, how am I supposed to keep this blog alive if I only make things I already know and blogged about, huh?!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
Euhm, I don’t do these special and awesome series of types of recipes? Oh god, that’s not even positive…
I think I might one day though.
Back to the question. I think what makes my work differ from others is the “me-factor”.
I share what I did, thought, liked, disliked, …

Why do I write what I do?
I’ve always wanted to write. (No I’m not studying to be a journalist)
I want to share my recipes and thoughts with people and hope to inspire them while doing so.

How does your writing process work?
It’s very simple actually.
I pick a recipe. I make it. I photograph it. I eat it.
And if here is anything left, I’ll share it. No that’s not true. I always share my desserts or other things I’ve made 🙂

Now I have to choose three bloggers to pass on this Writing Process Blog:

I’m already looking forward to seeing your Writing Process Blog Tour 😀

Have a delicious day!
xxx Sarah

5 Thoughts

  1. And I am here making up the days I missed checking everyone’s blog…

    It’s so lovey to find more about you, Sarah. Why do I feel that I have a complicated answer on #4?? 😀


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