Flavr.be: taste tested & approved!

Hi guys!

There’s a new kid in town! Forget about Hello Fresh and other groceries delivery services. FLAVR does it better. They have a community of hobby chefs who cook just for you! All you need to do is find a dish you like in your neighbourhood, order and go pick it up. How cool is that?!

Lucky for me, my collegue Tinne is member of FLAVR and she was happy to let me taste test her yummy dish to get to know FLAVR 🙂

The idea behind FLAVR: “FLAVR goes back to the roots of the authentic, home-cooked meal through a unique food-sharing platform. We enable everyone to order and provide meals among each other.”


FLAVR started off in Antwerp and then popped up in Ghent but will soon be up and running all over Belgium. I’m sure.
The succesfull start-up launched in January and already has over 1.000 active hobby chefs in Antwerp and Ghent. From this week on, hobby chefs all over Flanders can sign in to become part of the FLAVR community. If I were a great chef (which I’m not. I bake but I don’t cook xD), I would definitely become FLAVR chef myself!

The fee these chefs pay to FLAVR is minimal. Tinne gives 15% to FLAVR but if she starts selling more, her fee might go down. Perfect to earn a little extra while doing what you love most: sharing your food with others. FLAVR sends their chefs the paper bags so they can present their meals. The other stuff these hobby chefs use to wrap their meals is on their own expenses. Tinne is a real pro in wrapping her meals. Check out the picture below 😉

My FLAVR experience starts off great. Tinne made a cauliflower ovendish, which I really like. So I ordered 2 via flavr.be. One for me and one for the boyfriend 😉
I could have picked it up at her place, but since we work at the same company, she took it to work for me 🙂 So easy ^^ But FLAVR is based on the idea to pick up homemade meals in your neighbourhood. So you don’t need to go far for your dinner 😉

So step 1 was pickig up my meals. Check!
Step 2: putting our dish in the oven. Check!


Step 3: eat! Check!


Yumm. Tinne puts a lot of love in her meals and I think that’s exactly the kind of hobby chef FLAVR is looking for. They screen their chefs before starting. Something I think is very important because you have to have chefs that care. And Tinne definitely does. She even gave extra sauce and cookies!

This is how it looks like if you serve the ovendish on a plate like Tinne did:

Picture by Tinne Goossens

For those of you living closeby Sint-Job (Belgium), here’s a link to Tinne’s profile.

Okay so you might be wondering why FLAVR is so much better than food delivering services such as pizza.be or ready-to-serve dishes from the supermarket?
1. Because they are homemade
2. Because there mostly is more variety
3. Because you somehow feel connected to the chef. Think of this: you pick up your meal, come home and find a little note from the chef in your bag, wishing you a bon appétit!

Reasons enough for me to go for FLAVR when I have to work late and don’t feel like cooking!

Would you become a FLAVR chef? Or would you order from them if it were available in your city?

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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