My very first cup of coffee ever by Koffie Kàn

Hi guys!

Today was International Coffee Day! And I have a confession to make. Never ever have I had a cup of coffee before… And I still wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for Koffie Kàn.

One day, I got an invitation from the coffee brand to try their coffees. I told them I actually never had a cup of coffee before so I didn’t know if I was the right person to give coffee to. But Koffie Kàn saw it as a challenge and gave me some of their coffees and the cutest little cup ever!). I was excited and scared at the same time xD


I waited a long time before trying the coffee. But today was the perfect day to finally do it!

I tried both Santos Mild and Aroma Maragogype. Santos Mild really is a very mild coffee. Perfect for starters if I may say so 🙂 It almost has this soft touch over it. I can’t really explain it xD Aroma Maragogype is said to have a very strong taste of biscuits. And it actually does! It has a much stronger aroma and taste than Santos Mild and does have that biscuit taste in it. I liked it.

Santos Mild Aroma Maragogype

Oh my god. I’ve had my first cups of coffee! And that on International Coffee Day. Haha :p

It’s official now: Koffie Kàn has taught me to drink coffee. (I did had to add a little bit of milk to really enjoy my cup of coffee though ;))

My very first cup of coffee by Koffie Kàn

Don’t you just love that cute little cup!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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