September Favorites

Hi guys!

It’s October… Can you believe it?! Fall is here, Halloween is coming and the leaves are changing colors. I LOVE this season! When I think about Fall, I immediately smell the apple pies, pumpkin cupcakes and all the spices that go with Fall 🙂 Lovely ^^

BUT first we have our September favorites! And yes, September has been a very yummy month as well 😀

#1: Pokemon Birthday Cake

Pokemon birthday cake

This Pokemon cake just looks awesome! I love that chocolate buttercream 🙂 This beauty was made by Happy and Harried.

#2: Espresso Martini Cupcakes


YUmm yumm yumm! That’s almost all I can say about these little cuties from Domestic Gothess. These cupcakes sound very flirty but look so elegant.

#3: Banana Tiramisu Pudding

banana tiramisu pudding

Are you kidding me? Banana, tiramisu AND pudding? I’m in! Thank you so much adorable life to bring this dessert in my life! It’s so on my try list!

#4: The Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cake

ultimate chocolate cake

Well, I guess the name really says it all! Kitchenspells has worked her magic! I would love such a cake for my birthday. Wouldn’t you?

#5: Two ingredient ice cream

ice cream

It’s almost weekend and The Weekend Sugar definitely makes me feel that ‘weekend mode’ with this! I love her pictures too, so beautiful!

That was September… Bye bye!
I hope you guys loved September as much as I did but now it’s time to enjoy October and Fall and prepare for Halloween! (Or is that a bit too early to say already?)

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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