Foodnomads for Foodies

Hi guys!

I found this great new company called Foodnomads.
They believe life is too short to not discover all the delicious things the world has to offer.
I couldn’t agree more!

(This picture is one of their opening pictures on the site)

What is it they do?

Foodnomads delivers foodboxes. Each month a different box, with a different theme.
I ordered the Santa’s Box as a Christmas gift for my mom.
The fun part is that you don’t know what’s inside that box!
One thing you DO know is that it’s going to be delicious and quite special.
Special? Yes! The goods inside these boxes don’t come from your everyday supermarket.
Foodnomads selects delicious foods from special stores. You’ll see what I mean when I reveil my Santa’s Box to you πŸ˜‰

Foodnomads has a facebookpage where they reveil the stuff they put inside the monthly box. But you won’t know before you receive the box because you’re obviously going to order this awesome and mysterious box the second it’s available!

Let me show you my Santa’s Box:


Speculoos from Maison Dandoy


Oh My God! This is by far the BEST speculoos I’ve ever had! My mom and dad agreed with me.
My mom is a huge speculoos fan and she has her favourite brands which she won’t replace. Ever.
Until her daughter gave her this box. She fell in love and that love will probably never change.
“It’s the best speculoos I’ve ever tasted in my life.” Yes, that’s truly what she said.
I can’t say she’s wrong because I promise you guys, this IS the best speculoos you’ll ever have!

Maison Dandoy is situated in the heart of Brussels. Go visit their site for more information and delicious goods!

Snowballs (Boules de Neige) from Larmuseau



I’ve seen some recipes of these sweets on blogs around Christmas time last year.
I have to admit I had never tasted one before, not even heard from it either.
We didn’t really know what to expect…
It looks like a yummy cookie and it is. Except for the fact that it’s not really a cookie.
I can’t explain what it is but it is soft and melts (like a snowball) in your mouth.
Quite special and absolutely delicious!
I couldn’t eat more than two because it’s a bit heavy. But we don’t mind, do we?

Larmuseau makes Snowballs and Snowballs only. A real speciality I’d say!

Smoked salt from Halen MΓ΄n


The package says it all: “Pure sea salt smoked over Welsh oak.”
This can’t be anything else but super delicious!
I know the smell of this and I know the taste. (Boyfriend being a chef makes this very possible)
Let me tell you this: it is amazing!
We all like to sprinkle some salt over our meat (lamb or something ^^ ) but this smoked salt is so much more.
It makes your meat taste better and your kitchen smell like heaven.

Want to learn more about Halen MΓ΄n? Check out their site.

Fig Crackers from The Fine Cheese


“A honeyed scent and a fragrant taste, for sheep’s milk cheeses.”
Sounds promising to me!
My mom loved these crackers because she loves cheese.
The crackers go perfectly with cheese such as Roquefort or Pecorino.

Find out more on their site.

Blackberry & Laurel Jam from Callas Confiture


Who doesn’t love jam?
This fine confiture, ‘haute confiture’ as they call it, looks divine!
Such a beautiful combination too, don’t you think πŸ™‚
It tastes very special. At first, you get that sweet flavour of the blackberry and then comes the laurel.
It’s definitely not the standard jam!

Learn more about Callas Confiture and their products on their site.

I LOVE Foodnomads!
It’s special, original, mysterious, exciting and delicious!

You can buy one box (€27.95) or subscribe (€24.95)!
(Shipping costs are included)
Important info: Foodnomads is all in Dutch.
Delivery is only possible in Belgium & The Netherlands.

I think Foodnomads created the perfect gift for your very special foodie friends!
You’ll make them happy, without a doubt!

You can always buy those precious boxes for yourself, of course ^^
It’s a moment of joy, excitement and happiness when the Foodbox arrives and you finally get to know what’s inside.

Visit Foodnomads on their site, Facebook & Instagram!

Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

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  1. This is a great gift idea! I’ll have to look for some kind of “foodie” box in the USA. I have a friend that is quite the foodie and she would love something like this. I never even thought of the idea. I wish we could get these international brands –they look spectacular! Thanks for sharing the idea. πŸ™‚

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