Easter Egg Sprinkle Cookies

Hi guys!

It’s almost Easter. Whenever there is a holiday coming up, I open my Pinterest and scroll for hours looking for inspiration. It didn’t took me long to find exactly what I wanted to make for Easter. I wanted cookies and sprinkles. Bam! Perfect! The pictures on Pinterest are always so stunning. When I try to copy something, it usually doens’t turn out that fabulous. But these cookies did. It may have something to do with how easy these Easter Egg Sprinkle Cookies are to make.

Easter Sprinkle Cookies

A few weeks after I went on my Easter hunt on Pinterest, Dr. Oetker sent me a baking kit. What was in it? White fondant and sprinkles! Yay!

But I didn’t have an egg-shaped cookie cutter yet. Damn it. I searched everywhere. No cookie cutter in the shape of an egg to be found. Personally I really don’t understand how you can have hundreds of bunny cookie cutters and no eggs. I know the bunny hides the eggs in your garden but I think the eggs are the most important things on Easter. Right? I mean, what would the bunny hide if there were no eggs?!?


Anyways, I went on with my quest for The Egg. When I almost decided to just try to manipulate one of my round cookie cutters, there It was. Zeeman had an egg-shaped cookie cutter! YES! My first Easter recipe was born: Easter Egg Sprinkle Cookies. It may sound stupid, but I love these cookies πŸ™‚ Probably ’cause I did everything I could to find that cookie cutter xD

What we need:

  • your favorite butter cookie dough
  • sprinkles
  • white fondant
  • egg-shaped cookie cutter (super important! πŸ˜‰ )
  • honey or (maple) syrup
  • rolling pin
  • brush
  • a cookie cutter with carves (I used a flower cookie cutter where the leaves are closely spaced)

Sprinkle Easter Cookies

How to:

  1. Roll out your dough and cut out egg-shaped cookies
  2. Bake them on a baking sheet, lined with parshment paper
  3. Let them cool completely before decorating
  4. Roll out the fondant and cut out eggs with the same cookie cutter you used for the cookies
  5. Take the flower or other carved cookie cutter and place on the egg where you want the shell to stop. If you want to make a bottom and a top shell, you just have to cut on both sides of the egg.
  6. Brush the cookie with syrup or honey or anything sticky (it has to dry up transparant)
  7. Place the egg shell(s) on the cookie
  8. Make sure the rest of the cookie is still sticky
  9. Gently push the cookie in the sprinkles
  10. Remove any sprinkles that stick on the shell or on the edges of the cookie
  11. Done! I told you it was easy πŸ˜€

Your Easter hunters will love these! Whether it are your kids or your friends coming over for a fun Easter brunch. Succes guaranteed πŸ˜‰

Easter Sprinkle Cookie

Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

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    1. Thanks Angie! Oh she will πŸ˜€ Hahahaha true! πŸ˜€ I know the feeling of being too busy. I have all these ideas for recipes but I just can’t do them all xD I sometimes barely have time to make anything at all… I should start baking ahead I guess xD


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