Beer Tasting @ Brewery De Koninck

Hi guys!

Last Friday, some colleagues and I enjoyed a beer tasting at Brewery De Koninck in Antwerp, Belgium. We had lots of fun. Picture this: a bunch of co-workers, tasting 6 different beers. Yup. We laughed. A lot 😉 What I like most about the brewery is the fact that it’s a city brewery. It gives Antwerp that extra beauty.

First up was the tasting. We went to the bar downstairs and found 6 glasses and 4 different kinds of cheese from Van Tricht. I immediately knew I would’n finish all 6 beers.

Our first beer of the night was, of course, the “Bolleke”. The classic and most famous beer of De Koninck. It has a bit of a Caramel flavor and is easy to drink. This beer was actually made compete against the lager.


Beer nr. 2: Wild Jo. The new kid on the block. I liked it, but it’s not my favorite. I do like the branding of Wild Jo though. The label is old but trendy at the same time and that pigeon is just funny. Did you know the pigeon is turned upside down on the back of the label? That’s what happens if you drink too many Wild Joes 😉


I never thought I would, but I did like the third beer: Duvel. 8,5% alcohol which makes it the heaviest one of the family. And of course, that’s the one I liked most. It’s also the only beer I finished that night. I tried every other one but I completely drank the Duvel. I think I liked it better because it has more flavor than a lager.


Do you know why the bubbles go up in the middle of the Duvel glass? Because there’s a little scratch in the middle of the glass. So that’s why every Duvel has little bubbles going up, exactly in the middle of the glass.

We tried 3 other beers (I can’t remember their names) but none of them appealed to me the way Duvel did. The beer from Liefmans, not the fruit beer we women like to drink, was quite special. That I remember.


After our little tasting with, for some of us, way too much beer, it was time for our tour around the museum. Most of the story was told with video. It was fun to watch, but I did regret the lack of “real” brewery stuff. All in all it was a fun experience. Let me take you on a quick tour:

The museum gives you a great look on the old and the new. Brewery De Koninck is the perfect brewery to visit if you want the story behind rather than the brewery itself. That may sound a bit wrong but you know what I mean, right?

Let me say goodbye with a typical Antwerp symbol 😉


Have a delicious, hopefully not too drunk, day ❤
xxx Sarah

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