Lidl gives us our own online wine cellar

Hi guys!

Tuesday was all about beer, today it’s wine o’clock!

Lidl has a very special gift for each and everyone of us. Our own wine cellar with more than 700 wines! How fantastic is that!? The webshop is super easy to use and there are wines for everyone’s taste and budget.



To celebrate this fantastic news, there had to be wine. Of course. I was there by car so I didn’t drink all 6 glasses that were selected for us. But if you weren’t… Oh boy you could have gotten soooooo drunk. After our Lidl Wine Tasting, there was an open bar where Lidl had 78 (!) wines to try. I wonder if anyone got that far…


Let’s talk wine, shall we ๐Ÿ˜‰

We tried the following wines:

  • Baturrica
  • Cimarosa
  • Chateau Haut de la Bรฉcade
  • Chateau d’Eck
  • Vega del Pas
  • Montagny

I absolutely loved the Vega del Pas white wine. It wasย a very refreshing wine, which I really like. Vega del Pas comes from Rueda in Spain. The grape used is the Verdejo. This wine goes well with fish and shrimps. 13% of alcohol and a selling price of โ‚ฌ9,99.ย My absolute favorite of the night.


On to my favorite red wine: Baturrica. My mom should read this. Me, having a favorite red wine? She wouldn’t believe it! But it’s true ๐Ÿ™‚ The Baturrica originates from Tarragona, also in Spain. The main grapes are the Tempranillo and the Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine goes best with simple warm meat dishes. I like it so much because it’s a very soft red wine. It doesn’t have very strong aroma’s and the aftertaste isn’t too strong either. The Baturrica has 13% of alcohol and sells for โ‚ฌ3,99. Can you walkย away from that?


We tried the others as well, but I won’t talk about them since they weren’t my favorites and I would like to encourage you to explore the webshop a litte bit ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t want to share some yummy dishes with you. And if it was yummy… ๐Ÿ˜€

Yummy catering at Lidl wines.jpg

Which one do you prefer, white or red?

More information about the wines:

Have a delicious day โค
xxx Sarah

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