Volmer, Apéritif de Provence

Hi guys!

It is Friday…


And that calls for some booze 😉

The weather is great, temperatures are rising and friends and family come together for BBQ’s and lovely evenings together. Well, what better start of the weekend and such wonderful activities than a delicious apero!

Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present to you my absolute new favorite aperitif: Volmer!


This drink has the most beautiful story ever. And I really really like products that carry a story with them. For some reason I believe it gives them a little extra. Just like homemade dessert does. It must be the love that has been put in it 😉

Once upon a time…

There was a lady named Madame Volmer who lived in the Luberon, France. Annelies and her parents went to the Luberon for the holidays each year. Coincidence or not, Madame Volmer was their neighbour. The old lady frequently asked her parents over for a drink. That drink was the foundation of Volmer. Madame Volmer brew it herself and loved sharing it with Annelies’ family. Annelies’ dad one day received the recipe for this delicious aperitif. They started making it themselves and when Annelies thought it was time to bring Madame Volmer back to live and ready for an adventure, she took the recipe and drove all the way to the Luberon to find a brewery for this lovely drink. She named it Volmer after their neighbour who all started it.

Volmer can be served in four different ways: “on the rocks”, with Tonic, Cava or orange juice. It is the perfect aperitif, I’m telling you. It’s sweet & fruity and instantly makes you feel like Summer. Yumm!

Recipe for Volmer with Tonic:

  • 1 large glass filled with ice cubes
  • 2 parts Volmer
  • 3 parts Tonic
  • Garnish with the zeste of orange peel


Next time I’m having a party at our house, this is going to be our Aperitif Maison 😉

More information about Volmer such as points of sale: www.aperovolmer.com

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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