Hard Rock Café World Burger Tour

Hi guys!

I was super excited to be invited to the World Burger Tour in Hard Rock Café Brussels!
Along with lots of other bloggers, I could taste the five World Burger Tour burgers of the month of June.
What a relief they made mini versions! Can you image eating FIVE burgers in one night?!

Hard Rock Café is known for two things: burgers and cocktails!
First we were introduced to their World Burger Tour cocktails. I didn’t know Hard Rock Café was known for them but they sure were good! They gave us five different cocktails (I only have four xD):

The idea was to share cocktails and afterwards the bar was open so you could ask for your favourite and have it all for yourself. I don’t think many people really shared because if you don’t know someone too well, you won’t share your drinks, would you? But everyone was very happy with the cocktails so no complaining there 😀

After the little cocktail party, it was time to discover the Legendary Burgers!

#1: Bahn Mi Burger | Vietnam


This Legend is coated with HRC’s tangy house-made Vietnamese glaze, topped with sliced cucumbers and pickled vegetables, accompanied by a garnish of cilantro and green onions.
I really likes this Vietnamese Legendary burger. It tasted fresh 🙂

#2: Date Burger | Dubai


The Date Burger is enhanced by a rich date chutney, diced fresh dates and softened cream cheese, with crisp lettuce and vine-riped tomato.
This one I liked least, just because I really don’t like dates. But most of the bloggers picked this one as their favourite.

#3: Marimba Burger | Guatemala

IMG_1918 IMG_1925

This burger is dressed with house-made bean spread, layered with melted monterey jack and cheddar cheese, crunchy tortilla straws, crsip lettuce and vine-riped tomato.
This one was also very very delicious! The crunchy tortilla straws made it extra special 🙂 The bean spread was slightly spicy, but just enough 🙂

#4: Cuban Burger | Miami

IMG_1930 IMG_1937

The Cuban Legendary is smothered with mojo-marinated pulled pork, melted swiss cheese and sweet plantains, finished with yellow mustard, pickle chips, crisp lettuce and vine-riped tomato.

My god I loved this burger! This one was definitely my favourite! I’m a real meat person and if you’re just like me, this is the burger you HAVE to try 😀 I was the only one who voted this Cuban Burger as a favourite :p
I’ve found a fun video about the World Burger Tour and this particular burger: (it gives you a look behind the scenes 😉 )

#5: Local Legendary | Brussels, Belgium


This burger is the local legendary burger from Brussels. The burger was topped with mustard from Dijon and ham from the Ardennes.
I was a bit dissapointed in our own burger since it didn’t really taste that special. The other burgers all had this special ingredient which made it such a cool and original burger. I know Belgium is known for its mustard and ham but I would have been much more happy with a burger topped with Brussels sprouts for example 🙂 THAT would have been an original burger!

You can find the first four Legendary Burgers at every Hard Rock Café in the world! And every Hard Rock Café has its own Local Legendary 🙂

The World Burger Tour lasts until the end of June so all you have to do is RUN to your closest Hard Rock Café and EAT these awesome burgers! I highly recommend the Cuban Burger from Miami 😉

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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