Bibi’s Bakery: the sweetest spot in Edinburgh

Hi guys!

You may have noticed my little dissapearing. I went to Scotland last week πŸ™‚ It was my very first time and I very much enjoyed it. It was everything I thought it would be and more. You remember that movie “P.s. I love you”? That landscape. Unfortunately for me, Gerard Butler wasn’t around. Everywhere we looked there were fields and adorable black faced sheep. Not a single rain drop to be seen. Wait what? That’s right, we didn’t have any rain in the first three days. Amazing! Scotland is known for its rainy climate but we only had little of it on our last day. I think I may therefore have a little “twisted” memory of Scotland than others…

My favorite part of the trip was a visit to the city Edinburgh. Such a fantastic city! It has a modern side and across the bridge lies the medieval city with the castle on the hill. (reference to Ed Sheeran intended). I absolutely loved this city! All those ancient buildings, statues, monuments and tales. But more important: a very very very cute and yummy bakery! I accidentally bumped into Bibi’s Bakery on my way to Rosies Street (this is the street you’ll want to find if you’re looking for a pub). I came out of Marks & Spencers (went to buy chocolate chips cookies, obviously) on the wrong side of the building on Princess Street. This is the main shopping street, parallel to Rosies Street. So I walked to the next crossing and walked up to Rosies Street. I stopped at the corner to look at the name plates to make sure I was going to Rosies Street. There I saw a building being renovated. It had a grey banner on it with pink letters. (Ping ping! Alert!) I looked down and saw the one thing I needed to see to get me interested:

Forget about Rosies Street! I can find my friends later. Let’s go get myself some Cupcakes! Bibi’s Bakery is everything a cupcake bakery should be. Cute on the inside, but not too girly. Beautiful cakes and cupcakes decorated the bakery. I had trouble deciding on what to take. Except for that one Cupcake. This Cookie Monster Cupcake was the last one and it just screamed my name. I couldn’t resist! The friendly lady asked me if I wanted anything else. At first I wanted to say no. But it was the only bakery I had come across and I had to explore Edinburghs local stores, right? So I went for the Banoffee Cupcake and 2 yummy macarons as well. It was so good! The macarons were huge compared to the ones you find in most other stores. The cakes in the window display looked simply amazing. If I’d live in Edinburgh, my wedding cake would definitely be one from Bibi’s Bakery! Oh and those Cupcakes all looked so pretty. I felt like a kid in a candy store. Which I kinda was… πŸ™‚

Funny thing: usually the people go inside Bibi’s Bakery because of the beautiful window displays but I went inside because the renovation caught my eye. Bibi’s Bakery unfortunately sees a negative effect of the renovations on their store. Not everyone is as alarmed as I was. Guess I had my Cupcake Radar on high alert πŸ˜‰

When I left the store, I saw my friends at the red light waiting to go into Rosies Street. It felt like it was meant to be because I would have never found them if I hadn’t gone to Bibi’s Bakery first. We bought some drinks, found a spot in the grass and I enjoyed my Cookie Monster Cupcake πŸ™‚

You can find Bibi’s Bakery atΒ 37 Hanover Street, Edinburgh.

Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

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