Whittard of Chelsea: Christmas Collection

Hi guys!

Still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for tea, coffee or hot chocolate lovers? Or just a huge fan yourself? Whittard of Chelsea has got you covered with their awesome Christmas Collection! It looks great and it tastes even better.

The Whittard Christmas Collection covers every craving. From Christmas tea, to special coffee flavors, spiced hot chocolates, yummy cookies or gorgeous fudge. It’s all there!

Whittard Of Chelsea Christmas Collection
Picture from De Hovre PR

I was so lucky to have tried some of these Christmas miracles: Mulled Wine Tea, Christmas Tea and Limited Edition Spiced Hot Chocolate! The Hot Chocolate has plum in it. Don’t frown! It’s so good! Perfect for Christmas because you don’t drink this on a daily basis. Surprise your guests with these warm, cosy drinks and let them guess what secret ingredient is hidden in the Christmas Collection. I bet they won’t have a clue! At least not all of them 😉 That reminds me, I have to hurry to the stores because the Spiced Hot Chocolate is limited edition and I just have to have it.

After trying these Christmas flavors, I got some to take home with me. One of them is the Christmas Tea. I just love the tin! p.s. Both coffee, tea and chocolate are available in these amazingly beautiful tins. I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again: If I had a larger kitchen, I’d place a shelf against the wall and put these tins on it. Even if they’d be empty. That’s how much I love the packaging from Whittard. It just takes tea, coffee and hot chocolate to a whole new level.

Whittard Christmas Tea

Whittard is an English brand but it is distributed all over the world. Bleuzé Interfood is one in Belgium. Luckily for us Belgians ;-). I’ve found the Whittard collection at Van Gastel. If you don’t have one closeby, you can go all out on the Whittard webshop of course. The beautiful tins cost about €11,35. You can also buy Christmas Baubles filled with flavors from the Christmas Collection for €6,81 each or €27,24 for all four. Take a look and fall in love ^^ Disclaimer: I am NOT responsible for empty wallets, angry husbands or wifes and certainly not for attacks on the mailman when your packages arrive…

Whittard Christmas Collection
Picture from De Hovre PR

Those of you who follow me on Facebook might have seen my post about me making something with a yummy item from the Christmas Collection. Can you guess what it will be? Coming up on Friday so stay tuned 😉

Question for you: Are you familiar with Whittard? What’s your favorite flavor? Mine is the English Rose Tea which resulted in these pretty Cupcakes I made earlier.

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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