Dinner at Hofstede de Blaak

Hi guys!

A little while ago we went to Tilburg, The Netherlands. Dinner spot that evening was Hofstede de Blaak. I won’t waste too many words. Let’s take a culinary walk together;)

This is how the building and the terrace looks like:

We started with two appetizers. The one on the right is a tomato-chorizo appetizer. the one on the left has fresh herring in it.

Starter 1: Tuna TartarIMG_20160822_201818

Starter 2: Fois Gras with nuts and pearIMG_20160822_204939

Starter 3: Sea Bass with tomatoes, shrimps and sauce from shrimps


Starter 4: A delicious fish, but I can’t remember :s



Main course: Lamb (!) with polenta and vegetables


Dessert: Raspberry Cheesecake with verveine and lime


That dessert was so good! The other dishes were fantastic as well, but I’ll never forget this dessert 😉

More information about the restaurant: www.hofstededeblaak.nl

Since the restaurant is only a 30 minutes drive from where I live, I think I’ll be going there more often for special occasions 🙂 It was so good! We payed €65 for the 6-courses menu. You could take adapted wines but we decided to go with just 1 bottle and then we’d see how it went. If you can handle some booze, I’d go for the adapted wines but if you’re not (just as I am), I’d choose 1 great bottle of wine and just stick with that. It’ll be a wonderful evening and dinner anyways 🙂

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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