Antwerpen Proeft 2016

Hi guys!

I went to Antwerpen Proeft last week. I was super excited because lots of famous Belgian restaurants and chefs were coming and I just knew it would be fun. Besides, you can’t miss out on such a food event being a food blogger, right?

The boyfriend and I started with exploring the different stands because we had to buy coupons and we knew we couldn’t try each and every one of them so we had to decide what to try and what not to. For me, that, obviously, wasn’t such a big deal because I almost only wanted to try desserts xD Oh boy, shame on me. But hey, someone has got to try them right! And the boyfriend doesn’t have such a sweettooth like I do 🙂 So I happily sacrificed myself 😉

The first thing that immediately caught my eye was Konditori. They had a beautiful, simplistic and cozy stand and they had two different desserts in bottles. I went for the apple-vanilla-mascarpone one and it was absolutely delicious! Yup, I wanted more of that.

KonditoriPicture from their Instagram

Next up was Balls ‘n Glory from Wim Ballieu. We went to his restaurant n Antwerp for my birthday last year and I liked it there. So obviously I wanted another ball. But I was a bit dissapointed. Maybe because the Chicken Masala wasn’t 100% my taste or because we didn’t get the mashed potatoes to go with it but I liked our visit to the restaurant better. Oh well, it can’t always be fantastic.


I knew Roger Van Damme would be there so I HAD to visit the Njam stand to see him! He served this super yummy strawberry mousse dessert and he wanted to pose for me whilst decorating my dessert. Lucky me. No I didn’t dare to ask him for a selfie xD


My last dish had to be ice cream. I mean, +25°C and leaving without ice cream? I didn’t think so! Foubert had the perfect flavor for this Antwerp event: Antwerpse Handjes! I loved it! It couldn’t have been a more appropriate end to our day in Antwerp.
(Antwerpse Handjes are cookies in the shape of a hand because of the history of Antwerp)


Here are some other pictures from Antwerpen Proeft:

My overall feelings: I had fun but it is a little bit expensive. You pay income (+- €10/person) and then you have the coupons. 1 coupon was €1,25 and most dishes costed between 4 and 6 coupons. I would prefer a less commercialized event where you can really try lots of different dishes without spending so much money but who am I, right. I wouldn’t even mind paying double the income price if that was the case.

But I liked it. See you again next year!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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