Swedish Princess Cake

Hi guys! This weeks recipe is one with a Royal touch: Swedish Princess Cake. Swedish what? This cake is a traditional Swedish layered cake with yummy sponge cake, pastry cream, lots of whipped cream and a subtle layer of green marzipan. Finishing touch? A pink marzipan rose. The original recipe for this layered cake first... Continue Reading →

Christmas Buche / Stollen

Hi guys! I'm beginning to freak out. Just a little. I had all these Christmas recipes I wanted to try but there's just not enough time to make all of them! I should have taken this week off... Next year I might. One week to bake bake bake and bake! No work, no distractions, just... Continue Reading →

The perfect Summer Birthday Cake!

Hi guys! Today is The Boyfriends birthday! I thought this would make the perfect occasion to share this perfect Summer Birthday Cake with you guys. In fact this one is a true classic when it comes to Birthday Cakes. At least where I live 🙂 A very light and spongy cake, lots of whipped cream... Continue Reading →

Biscuit for Birthdays!

Hi guys! Today, I want to share a funny story with you. What the story is about? My first attempt to make a biscuit... A biscuit is a typical birthday treat! So I wanted to make one for one of our birthday parties. I opened my cookbook and thought "this seems easy". Well, I could... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #19: Coffee Biscuit Cupcakes

Woohoo! It's Friday again! That means my finals are OVER 😀 Oh well, I have French on Tuesday but that won't cause any problem. I promised the recipe for my coffee biscuit cupcakes and I thought it's a great dessert to bring at the party 🙂 So here it is! It was actually my boyfriend... Continue Reading →

The one thing that started it all…

Oh my god. I should be so ashamed of myself! Here I am, sharing my (great) recipes with you. But I never even told you what the first thing I baked was! Well, cupcakes! It was my love for cupcakes that started my passion for baking. Why I love them so much? Cupcakes are delicious,... Continue Reading →

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