Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes

Hi guys! I'm a chocoholic. Big time. But I also love fruits such as watermelon, banana, kiwi, mango, raspberry and strawberries. You hear me coming, don't you? (Or you've read the title...) Combining those two loves makes... Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes! Indeed 😉 I found a great recipe over at The Scran Line with fresh strawberries... Lees verder →


Inspiration: The Scran Line

Hi guys! It felt like time for another inspiration blogpost. I've "introduced" you to Laura in the Kitchen and Rosanna Pansino. Now it's time to meet THE Cupcake King: Nick from The Scran Line! He makes the most amazing Cupcakes. I absolutely LOVE his YouTube Channel. Who is Nick? Nick is a pastry chef who... Lees verder →

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