Apple Bread Pudding

Hi guys! My number one to go for treat at the bakery used to be Bread Pudding. My Dad always got us a piece and even my grandmom made sure there was some Bread Pudding when I came over. We just love it! I tried it myself once and it was pretty good. Not really... Lees verder →


October Favorites

Hi guys! I hope you guys had a fun and slightly spooky Halloween 🙂 In case you don't really want it to be over yet, I've got some great news for you: this October favorites is filled with Halloween recipes! Well, not all of them are but still 🙂 And of course, October was Halloween prepping... Lees verder →

Chocolate Chip Vampire Cookies for Halloween

Hi guys! Do you know the story about that cute, little nerdy Cookie that went bad? No? Let me tell you. Once upon a Halloween night, Nerdy Cookie felt bored. He thought a walk outside might make him feel better. But he was too afraid to go outside on Halloween, so instead, he grabbed some... Lees verder →

September Favorites

Hi guys! It was about time I shared my September Favorites with you. You guys waved Summer goodbye whilst pulling out the cinnamon, apples and pumpkins. I didn't mind that quick switch between salads and pumpkin recipes. I guess I just like Fall desserts better 😉 #1: Chocolate Mocha Cake Ai made it for you... Lees verder →

Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes

Hi guys! I'm a chocoholic. Big time. But I also love fruits such as watermelon, banana, kiwi, mango, raspberry and strawberries. You hear me coming, don't you? (Or you've read the title...) Combining those two loves makes... Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes! Indeed 😉 I found a great recipe over at The Scran Line with fresh strawberries... Lees verder →

Poké Puff inspired Pokémon Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

Hi guys! Pokémon. It had to be on the blog eventually, right? With the game being such a hype and Pokémon desserts popping up everywhere, I had to make one too. Besides, who doesn't love Pikachu, Charmander or Squirtle? Or maybe, just maybe, you fancied Ash or Misty 😉   So Pokémon, huh. Although I... Lees verder →

Raspberry Puff Pastry

Hi guys! The weekend is almost here and there's nothing I love more than to sleep in, go to the bakery and have some yummy puff pastry for breakfast. How about you? Today I have this Raspberry Puff Pastry recipe for you. It is so good and it looks great too. You can bake these... Lees verder →

Soft & Subtle Caramel Cupcakes

Hi guys! I've just recently discovered the concept 'partybox' and I absolutely love it! And by that, I truly mean LOVE it. If it is was for me, we could skip the whole year (except Christmas 'cause I love that holiday too much) until the 30th of March next year 😀 I've already picked out... Lees verder →

Brownie Chocolate Ice Cream

Hi guys! This ice cream recipe might be the easiest one you'll ever find! I got inspired by Ben & Jerry's. You can tell, right? I absolutely love this ice cream flavor! It has brownie chunks in it, chocolate chips aboard and of course a yummy chocolate flavor. I'm actually really proud of my first... Lees verder →

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