Easy & delicious Pear Cake

Hi guys! I've always been a fan of Apple Cake. Even the storebought ones my grandma used to present us at parties. I guess I just love the simplicity of the cake and that moist texture, thanks to the apples. Apple cake, apple cake with speculoos, ... I've made many varieties on this family classic.... Continue Reading →

This Smoothie is saying: Summer

Hi guys! The sun is shining, everybody is so happy and the temperature just calls for sandals! What do you do? You drink smoothies! Or even better: you MAKE one! I became a real Smoothie-addict. I have always loved Smoothies but nowadays I think I drink almost a Smoothie a day. Okay, not always homemade... Continue Reading →

Apple & Pear Cake

Hi guys! I'm very excited about this cake I made because it is my very first complete own recipe 🙂 Maybe someone else has one too, but I didn't use any so I consider this as mine ^^ Someone told me it's quite risky to use apple and pear in the same cake. I wanted... Continue Reading →

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