Pasta Carbonara with Salmon and Broccoli

Hi guys! Why am I sharing a pasta in this time of the year? Well, we can't eat stew and turkey every day until next year, right? This pasta is perfect for Winter! It is delicious and gives you a warm feeling inside (and not only because it's hot...) This Pasta Carbonara is one of... Lees verder →


Summer Pasta

Hi guys! Today is 21 July. That means it's Belgian's National Holiday! What better way to celebrate than to celebrate with food! I wanted to go all caloriebombing all over again but have you noticed the weather???? It was SO hot! Odd for me to say, but I actually don't really feel like eating sweets... Lees verder →

Fiesta Friday #18: Pasta-time!

Hi guys! I told myself to wait for a later Fiesta Friday because of my finals... But I couldn't wait! It just seems too much fun!!! I am SO excited about my first Fiesta Friday! It was the lovely Jhuls from thenotsocreativecook who invited me for this awesome party 😀 Thank you so much Jhuls!... Lees verder →

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