This Smoothie is saying: Summer

Hi guys! The sun is shining, everybody is so happy and the temperature just calls for sandals! What do you do? You drink smoothies! Or even better: you MAKE one! I became a real Smoothie-addict. I have always loved Smoothies but nowadays I think I drink almost a Smoothie a day. Okay, not always homemade... Continue Reading →

Kiwi Pie

Hi guys! Remember what I told you about fruit pies? Today I want to bring you another one: Kiwi Pie! I made mini versions 🙂 I'm taking them to my friends at Fiesta Friday. And I'm also taking them to Foodie Fridays! So excited to join a new link party! Maybe I'll see you there?... Continue Reading →

Biscuit for Birthdays!

Hi guys! Today, I want to share a funny story with you. What the story is about? My first attempt to make a biscuit... A biscuit is a typical birthday treat! So I wanted to make one for one of our birthday parties. I opened my cookbook and thought "this seems easy". Well, I could... Continue Reading →

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