Cantata: Tea lover paradise!

Hi guys! I went shopping with The Boyfriend last Saturday and we came across this lovely tea, coffee and gift store in Wijnegem Shopping Center: Cantata. They have more than 170 different kinds of tea and more than 50 coffees. You can imagine the tea lover in myself having a blast... 😉 The people at... Lees verder →

Homemade Cretan Herbal Ice Tea

Hi guys! I'm back after a great holiday in Crete last week. We've seen some beautiful things and ate some very yummy foods (think Moussaka, Souvlaki and seafood) 🙂 Our hotel had a pool bar where a very good cocktails were served. And also a Cretan Herbal Ice Tea. I asked the ingredients because I... Lees verder →

Lojola: My favourite place in Antwerp

Hi guys! Last Friday, I took my best friend to Lojola. Lojola is my favourite place in Antwerp, Belgium! A friend introduced it to me and it was love at first sight! It is the best coffee & cake store ever! Not only does Jolien (the owner) make fresh cakes and pies and other delicious... Lees verder →

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