Top 5 Easter Dishes (Guest post)

Hi guys! Brussels Food Friends asked me to write a guest post for them and of course my answer was "YES!" 😀 It is all about Easter (although that, unfortunately, is already long behind us) I hope you all had a very nice Easter! Hopefully with lots of chocolate Easter eggs! Although that habit seems... Lees verder →


Café du Sablon

Hi guys! I had a great meeting with Anita from The Brusselsprouts yesterday! I had won their BarĂč contest and headed to Brussels to pick it up. She proposed to meet me at CafĂ© du Sablon so it was thanks to her that I can now show you this awesome place! The whole day was... Lees verder →

Foodnomads for Foodies

Hi guys! I found this great new company called Foodnomads. They believe life is too short to not discover all the delicious things the world has to offer. I couldn't agree more! (This picture is one of their opening pictures on the site) What is it they do? Foodnomads delivers foodboxes. Each month a different... Lees verder →

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Hi guys! It is almost New Year's Eve! Oh time has flown... Are you guys ready to say 2014 farewell and to welcome 2015? Are you planning big things in 2015? Major projects? Fun trips? I know I'm pretty excited for 2015 because I believe it is going to be an awesome year! I'm having... Lees verder →

Hi there! My first post is a video that I saw on Youtube. This guy, William Brinson, talks about his life as a food photographer. I know many people who are into food, are into food fotography too. Including myself of course. Brinson shows us how he makes his sets and how he uses the... Lees verder →

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