Cocktail O’Clock with Njam & Grohe

Hi guys! It's Friday! Time for some fabulous Cocktails! A little while ago, I was invited to a Cocktail workshop with Manuel Wouters from Njam and Grohe. That last one presented their newest product to us: Grohe Blue Home. It's a super innovative tap that gives you fresh, filtered water. Sparkling or not. How cool... Lees verder →

August Favorites

Hi guys! It’s the 1st of September. Many of you have seen your kids go to school again. Some may have cried, others may have jumped in the air because now they’ll finally get some rest. I just went to work today. It’s funny, the 1st of September lost its meaning when I went to... Lees verder →

July Favorites 2017

Hi guys! I do hope your August is going better than mine. Well, I'm talking about the weather. My August started off great. I've been co-hosting at Fiesta Friday, made some new and yummy recipes (coming up soon) and I've planned some fun trips. So yeah. My August will be great. How about yours? But... Lees verder →

Homemade Cretan Herbal Ice Tea

Hi guys! I'm back after a great holiday in Crete last week. We've seen some beautiful things and ate some very yummy foods (think Moussaka, Souvlaki and seafood) 🙂 Our hotel had a pool bar where a very good cocktails were served. And also a Cretan Herbal Ice Tea. I asked the ingredients because I... Lees verder →

Graham’s Port Tasting in Porto

Hi guys! Last week, I've spent 3 days in Porto, Portugal. A must-do was of course some Port (port wine) tasting! And not just any, Graham's! I've never been in Porto or Portugal before so I was super excited about the whole journey. And the tasting was a great activity to explore Porto some more... Lees verder →

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