Coconut Brownies

Hi guys! Am I going too far with the Brownie love? Maybe. Do I regret it? Nope. I promise some totally different recipes on the blog soon. Wouldn't want to bore or scare away the anti-chocolate people. If you guys would exist. But seriously, let me know if you hate chocolate. That way I can... Continue Reading →

Coconut Flan

Hi guys! I have been busy in the kitchen and I know I promised you the good old caloribombing but this delicious Coconut Flan isn't that bad for your figure! Oh well, it can't always be delicious AND caloribombing, right? 😉 So, Coconut Flan... My mom wanted to try out our Moulinex Companion and I... Continue Reading →

Kokosrotsjes (or Macaroons)

Hi guys! The recipe I'll be sharing with you today has absolutely nothing to do with fall, October or Halloween... It's just some super delicious AND super easy treat! I ate my very first macaroon last year. My boyfriend and I went to the Christmas fair (Oh god! Now I'm talking about Chrsitmas already...) There... Continue Reading →

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