November Favorites – Christmas Edition

Hi guys! It's December!!! I lost track of how many times I've either said or thought that... But I'm just so excited! December really is the most wonderful time to me. Happy times and lovely time with family and friends. It's such a great time! I don't even mind the cold. Snuggle together with a... Lees verder →


Homemade Chocolate Popsicles for the best Hot Chocolate

Hi guys! December is right around the corner, the days are getting shorter and it's impossible to go outside without your thickest jacket and a scarf. Don't even think about how cold your feet get from walking outside for a minute... My ultimate solution: Homemade Hot Chocolate! And these Homemade Chocolate Popsicles make it even... Lees verder →

Christmas is coming! Thoughts & Memories

Hi guys! Am I too early with my Christmas excitements? It's November already you know... Stores have their Christmas stuff for sale since the end of September here so I'm actually on the late side xD Those who know me a little know I'm an absolute Christmas freak! I have to keep myself from running... Lees verder →

Traditional Apple Pie

Hi guys! It's getting colder, darker, wetter and a little bit more cosy inside. I've even busted myself at thinking about Christmas already... Can you blame me? 😉 I love apples. And I love Apple Pie even more! I bet you do too. I've always wanted to make a gorgeous traditional Apple Pie. You know, the... Lees verder →

Chocomousse for Christmas

Hi guys! My neighbour has his Christmas party last weekend and I was asked to make his dessert! Yay! He wanted something with chocolate... (Who doesn't 😉 ) Since his family LOVES chocolate mousse, it became chocolate mousse. I wanted to put the chocomousse in small glasses to make it look a bit more sophisticated.... Lees verder →

Tropical Fruit Salad

Hi guys! No, I know it's not Summer yet. And I don't want it to be Summer either! Because you know how much I love Christmas! But we all know how a cozy Christmas evening with friends and family goes... We EAT! A. Lot. So I thought a little bit of fruit wouldn't hurt. And... Lees verder →

Christmas Brownies

Hi guys! A few days ago, I saw some awesome Christmas cookies on Instagram. Christmas trees with some drizzle on top of them. It was so beautiful. I just had to make something similar! So I started thinking. I wasn't going to make cookies because I had just made some cute Christmas Cookies. But I... Lees verder →

Christmas Cookies

Hi guys! Yay! I'm so happy it's December. Not because of the fact that school is almost over, I still have a lot to do! But I'm happy because I can start my Christmas baking! Those of you who follow me on Facebook already knew how excited I was 😉 My first Christmas baking is... Lees verder →

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