Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

Eet je niet zo graag van die layered cakes maar wil je wel iets feestelijks voor je verjaardag of gewoon zomaar? Deze Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake is exact wat je nodig hebt!

Brookies (Brownies X Cookies)

Hi guys! Forget what I said last week... Get ready for some serious calorie bombing! For real! If you know you can't resist these fabulous Brookies, feel free to leave now. NOW! I don't want to be responsible for the failure of your diet. I really don't. I admire you. Keep up the good work!... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Vampire Cookies for Halloween

Hi guys! Do you know the story about that cute, little nerdy Cookie that went bad? No? Let me tell you. Once upon a Halloween night, Nerdy Cookie felt bored. He thought a walk outside might make him feel better. But he was too afraid to go outside on Halloween, so instead, he grabbed some... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Cake Mix Cookies

Hi guys! Did you ever had that craving for cookies and cake at the same time? I dure did! But there's a perfect solution for this first world problem: cake mix cookies! I discovered it at Moments with MandiĀ and I just had to try them. Crunchy on the outside, shaped like a cookie and soft... Continue Reading →

Nerdy Nummies Chocolate Chip Smart Cookies

Hi guys! If I were a cookie, I'd look a little something like this: This Nerdy Nummies Chocolate Chip Smart Cookie is the cutest cookie I've EVER seen! You know I'm a big fan of Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies series on YouTube, right? She introduced me to this cute cookie since it's the... Continue Reading →

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