Carrot Cake for Easter

Hi guys! Easter makes me dream about the egg hunting I did when I was a kid. I loved searching for them in the garden. My parents were perfect at hiding them but I was also very good at finding them 😉 My grandma always took me to the church where the Easter bells threw little bags... Lees verder →


Summer Pasta

Hi guys! Today is 21 July. That means it's Belgian's National Holiday! What better way to celebrate than to celebrate with food! I wanted to go all caloriebombing all over again but have you noticed the weather???? It was SO hot! Odd for me to say, but I actually don't really feel like eating sweets... Lees verder →

Fiesta Friday #21: Quiche

Hi guys! I missed last Fiesta Friday due to my wonderful trip but now I'm back! Thanks to Angie at The Novice Gardener for this amazing party! I am bringing some quiche for you today 🙂 I love it. I make it quite a lot 🙂 They come in all sorts of combinations. I'll share... Lees verder →

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