Our fantastic dinner at Cucina Marangon

Hi guys! A couple of weeks ago, the boyfriend and I were invited by my parents to go to dinner at Cucina Marangon. It's a fantastic Italian restaurant in Turnhout, Belgium. No. No pizza or spaghetti bolognaise... It's a very classy restaurant. Once you go black Cucina Marangon, you can't go back! 😉 Why we... Lees verder →

Hooray! We have a Bodum store in Brussels

Hi guys! I've got some GREAT news! Belgium now has its own official Bodum store! Where? In Brussels of course... I hope there will be one in Antwerp too some day (It's easier for me to get there) but I'm super excited we finally have one in Belgium 🙂 A couple of weeks ago, I... Lees verder →

21st of July Flag Cake

Hi guys! Today is the 21st of July! It is the National Holiday of Belgium. I wasn't all that festive last year with this Summer Pasta, but this year I go all caloribombing all over again! Woohoo! The National Holiday of Belgium... What better way to celebrate than with a Flag Cake! I've seen some... Lees verder →

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