Apple Crumble on the BBQ

Hi guys! I had the honor to be invited to Elckerlijc, the restaurant of Peter De Clerq, last night. For those of you who don't know him, he's the BBQ Master of Belgium 😉 I thank him, Braun and Lewis PR for the wonderful evening they had planned for us. Knowing Peter is the King... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Friday #29: BBQ with the neighbours

Hi guys!Last weekend, we had our annual BBQ with the neighbours. We (the street) try to do this every year. I believe it all started as a way to stay in touch with the neighbours and to become a bit more than "just" neighbours. I have to say we're pretty close with most of our... Continue Reading →

The Best Brownies

Hi guys! Last Sunday, we had our annual family BBQ! It's a BBQ with my mother's whole family. Yes, it's crowded... We try to do this every year because that's actually the only time we get to see everyone. I see my close relatives quite often but my mother's aunts and cousins not so much.... Continue Reading →

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