See you on Instagram?

Hi guys!

I think it’s time to say goodbye. It’s been more than a year since I’ve shared a new recipe and let’s be honest… I’m probably not going to share another one this year either. I’ve really enjoyed blogging, sharing recipes and visiting others in this lovely blogiverse. But life has happened as they say. Surprise surprise, I am a mom now. Yay! Super exciting but also super full-time haha. So I’ve finally made the decision to set my sweet Sarah’s Little Kitchen world aside. I know there are other moms who, as me, work full-time and still have time to bake and blog. I truly admire them and sometimes wonder if they somehow managed to get 48h in one day instead of the usual 24. Fact is that I do need ‘couch time’. I can’t run around all day and go straight to bed. I need to relax a bit. And you know what, that’s totally okay.

Will I stop baking? Never! But to enjoy my bakes, you’ll have to pop over to my Instagram account 😉

See you there?

Big kiss

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