Dinner @ Lotier

Hey guys!

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. Yay! I had actually planned a whole day in The Netherlands but due to Covid-19, that was a no no… So we had to find other tihngs to do but he ended up really enjoying his birthday. And since I really wanted him to have a great time, I made it a b-day weekend with a fine dining @ Lotier on Saturday.

Usually, Lotier closes for a summer holiday break around my husband’s birthday. But since restaurants were forced to be closed during the first wave of corona, they decided not to take their usual break. My husband doesn’t like to get gifts or dinners before or after his birthday. But since they are closed on Sunday, August 1 was the best I could do. As soon as Lotier re-opened its doors, I made a reservation.

So glad I did. Me and my husband enjoyed a really nice 5 course dinner outside. The weather was nice, the restaurant looked amazing and the staff was so so kind. They were polite, but a bit less stiff than other restaurants of their kind. Which, to me, was absolute pleasure.

The menu changes over time but I do like to take you through our evening. Even if it’s just to show you guys the gorgeous plates they make. Good looking & good tasting food. What more could you wish for. I went for the 5 course dinner, which was € 70. My hisband went all out for his birthday and enjoyed it with adapted wines, which was € 103.

We always start with a drink, usually the aperitif of the house. My husband was all for this one: it had vermouth & grapefruit in it. Since I didn’t know if I was gonna like vermouth (don’t think I ever had it before), I went with cava. You can never go wrong with that, right. The drinks arrived and my husband said his aperitif was definitely for my taste. A bit too sweet for him. He was right and so we switched drinks xD See, good thing I had that cava. Altho he liked the aperitif maison too.

I have some confessions to make in this post it seems. First one: I am obsessed with the bread at quality restaurants. They bake it a little just before serving so it’s extra crisp. I absolutely love it. Also: they serve good butter! Makes all the difference.


Okay let’s dive into the menu before confessing other things.

First off: a trio of yummy apetizers. We were given three beautiful little bowls. On the right there was a cold soup, in the middle we had salmon and on the right we had duck.

Then came our first course: candied cod. As you can see from the picture, each ingredient was carefully chosen and matched perfectly with every other one. You had the soft cod, the crunch from the veggies, some buttery sauce and even a little egg.

Second: langoustine. My god this was good! It had some eel on the side and that soup was just amazing. I have to be honest. I saved that piece of langoustine to eat last.


Third: gurnard with shrimps and a little shrimp croquette. I’ve eaten many homemade shrimp croquettes… This tiny one was by far the best one ever. Such a shame it wasn’t a whole plate of them cuz I really really like shrimp and cheese croquettes.


Time for our main course: lamb! Little confession here: lamb is my favorite meat. Alongside duck. I don’t know if it’s really “allowed” to eat with your hands in a fancy restaurant but I wasn’t gonna waste any of that lamb. That’s for sure.


It was moist and soft with some fleur de sel on top. Underneath a creme with chervil and some small potatoes.

When we got our dessert, it was already dark of course. So the picture of the dessert is a bit bad, I’m sorry.


Dessert: peaches, red fruits, a yummy mascarpone sorbet and a palmier on top. The fruits were swimming in a light sauce. I think it was wine, but I’m not 100% sure. My husband absolutely loved this dessert. He’s not a sweet tooth at all so he’s always happy with more complex and special desserts. I also liked this dessert, but I prefer the sweeter ones. No worries tho because when we had our tea and coffee, we were treated with some mini crème brûlées with tonka beans! Such a lovely suprise to me.

My husband went for this 5 course dinner with adapted wines. When you think you would get 1 glass of wine per course, you’re wrong. They do refill your glasses. I don’t know how many glasses my husband had in total but let’s be clear that I was the one driving us home that night 😉

If you guys ever go out for dinner and decide to take adapted wines, please make sure you either don’t have to drive or apoint someone who’s not drinking. That makes it all the more enjoyable cuz you don’t have to worry about who’s driving and you’re being safe.

Last confession: I am in love with the veranda… It is sooooo beautiful. If I ever have my own house, I really wish we can have one for ourselves. Don’t know what to do with it yet, but I do know I want one.


Lotier is located in Malle, Antwerp, Belgium. If you’re ever in the area, this is a restaurant we (cuz I can speak for both myself and my husband. And no, not just because I made him wear a ring 😉 ) definitely recommend!

Our goal is to try different restaurants on his birthday each year, but if we ever have a celebration between the two of us, we’ll definitely be going back 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review!

Have a delicious day




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