A Christmas Wishlist for Bakers

Hi guys!

It’s only 13 (!) days ’till Christmas! Even I’m feeling a bit stressed…

People are starting to freak out about buying presents and some people may freak out about what to ask for. Buying for a baker or being a baker yourself? Stay tuned because here comes my Christmas Wishlist for Bakers!

I’m skipping some of the obvious essentials, such as a mixer or kitchen robot and an oven, because these are just too expensive to ask Santa. But there are lots of other things you can get your favorite Baker for Christmas. Or ask yourself 😉

Xmas Wishlist

#1: Oven gloves

Yes, a towel will do just fine. But what’s fancy about that? Every baker needs proper oven gloves! They come in all kinds of types, colours and materials. I have oven gloves with rubber on the inside to prevent things from slipping away. If they ever get worn out, I’ll definitely get or ask these awesome oven gloves from Cupcake Jemma.

She recently got her own merchandise and I just love it! These oven gloves are soft on the inside, pretty large which comes in handy and fully washable! Get it on cupcakejemma.com for £19,95 / €22,70 / $26,50

Oven Gloves — Cupcake Jemma
Picture from Cupcake Jemma

#2: Piping tips

One can never have enough piping tips… I have 29 and I still don’t have every single one I want. My favorite one is the Wilton 2D piping tip. It can make beautiful roses or fantastic swirls. A must for every baker I’d say!

If you’re looking to buy some piping tips, try to get some info on which ones your favorite baking person already has. Nothing better than discovering new piping tips to play with! Want to put some piping tips on your wish list? Make sure to be specific and mention the type of piping tip if you can. That makes it much more easy for Santa to find the one you need.

Tip: get your baker some Russian piping tips if they don’t have them yet. They are so cool!

Picture from Make Fabulous Cakes

#3: Spatula’s!

Another your-baker-can’t-live-without item. It doesn’t really matter what you make; cake, cupcakes, bread, … Spatula’s come in handy at any occasion! Look for fun, large and sturdy ones. I have two types of spatula’s:

Nr. 1: Wilton silicone spatula

wilton spatula
Picture from Amazon

What I like most about these spatula’s is the sturdyness. I use the largest one more often because it is perfect for my cake batter. It’s large enough and super strong.

Rosanna Pansino, another vlogger I like, has some fun spatula’s in her merch. Aren’t these cute? They have the traditional shape and a wooden handle which means they’re sturdy enough. You can buy them on Amazon for $7,99.

Rosanna Pansino spatula
Picture from Rosanna Pansino

Nr. 2: Silicone oval dough scraper / spatula

oval dough scraper

This one is amazing if you really want that last little bit of batter left in your bowl. I use this one if I’m making cakes because it takes less time to fill my baking tin 😉 These come in all kinds of colours so you can easily pick your baker’s favorite colour.

#4: Baking tins

How would I ever forget. Baking tins are quite essential for bakers. Haha, no kidding. If your baker has a large collection, try to get some tips from others. It’s not a disaster to have two of the same baking tins, but it’s better to have different ones. Why? Well, a new baking tin means new recipes to try! Yay! I haven’t tried counting mine but I’m sure I have too many. Oh well, same as piping tips: one can never have enough 😉

Don’t worry if you don’t have hobby or cake decorating stores closeby. You can find so many baking tins online.

Here are some baking tins I really like:

#5: Sprinkles!

It may sound a bit girly but sprinkles make everything better. Making a cake? Throw some sprinkles on it! Baking Cupcakes? Sprinkle away! See? Much better.

You can give all kinds of fun and festive sprinkles! I buy most of mine from Wilton or Dr. Oetker. Wilton is great for special and seasonal sprinkles. They have little bones, skulls and pumpkins for Halloween, little Christmas trees, candy canes and holly leaves for Christmas or even tiny bunnies for Easter. Dr.Oetker is great for the more traditional sprinkles.

I hope you guys got somehow inspired by this little Christmas Wishlist. I also hope you guys don’t mind I haven’t added any links to websites. Since this isn’t a sponsored post, I wanted to leave the choice of where to buy to you 🙂
Do you have any specific baking items on your wishlist? Let me know!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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