Picknick Time with Delio

Hi guys!

One of my favorite Summer activities is having a picknick. I just love sitting down in a park, preferably on a lake or pond, and chill on a soft blanket whilst enjoying some bread and a glass of bubbles… Don’t you?

When I was younger, my parents and I would travel to France and have a picknick every day. We would take the car, stop at a local boulangerie (bakery) for some bread and a dessert and go find a spot to picknick on our way to wherever we wanted to go that day. Oh how I loved those days.

Our picknicks started on blankets but as my parents’ knees and backs got a little older, comfy camping chairs came along our picknicks 😉 I however felt best on my lovely blanket.

So the first thing you need, before picking out a spot, is food! I believe the perfect picknick would either have a French baguette or some sandwiches. I find cheese a bit boring so I’d go for a salad. Tuna, egg, chicken Hawaï, … Any salad you like will do. I like the salads from Délio. They are perfectly balanced between meat and sauce in my opinion. You won’t lose your chicken in the sauce and you’d still find it saucy enough for a salad. The packaging is rather pretty and it’s stackable! That doesn’t really matter in a basket, but is does in our fridge :p Délio has about 40 different salads. They have a salad for everyone; vegetarian, chicken lover, … The boyfriend always goes for Chicken & Curry and Chicken Hawaï. I’m a huge fan of Tuna salads.

I’d also take strawberry jam to sweeten things up a bit. Oh no, definitely not losing that sweettooth on a picknick. 😉

Strawberries mustn’t be forgotten! Or watermelon. Always a good idea! Make sure to cut it before going on your picknick… It will get messy if you don’t.

What do we drink? We usually take some coffee and some lemonade with us. But special picknicks (romantic ones) need a bottle of bubbles. Don’t you agree? You can put those strawberries in your glass 😉

Put all that in a beautiful picknick basket, grab your favorite blanket and you’re good go!

p.s. I was so happy when Délio gave us this gorgeous and handy picknick basket 😍 It got our picknicks to a whole new level.

Do you like to go on a picknick? What do you take with you?

Have a delicious day ❤
Xxx Sarah

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