December Favorites

Hi guys!

It always feels a bit strange to go back to December in January, but our December favorites mustn’t be forgotten! Absolutely not because they are great! As usual, you guys made some awesome and yummy recipes and I made my 5 favs selection 🙂

#1: Mini Mango Pie


I love mango. Oh god I love it! Jhuls from The Not So Creative Cook made mini Mango Pies! Mini, like perfect for one person. That little 😀 That’s such a great idea! Instead of making 1 big pie, you make a couple mini ones so you can eat a few and you don’t have to find people to share the pie with (as if that would be difficult…) I’m pretty sure I would eat more mini pies than good for me though…

#2: Dorie’s Linzer Sables


Shinta from Caramel Tinted Life brought us the perfect Christmas cookies 🙂 These Dorie’s Linzer Sables are so cute and without a doubt super yummy!

#3: Chocolate Peppermint Fudge


I’ve never made fudge before but this Peppermint version from This Gal Cooks makes me wonder why on earth I haven’t! I absolutely love that picture because it’s just gorgeous and it really invites us to dig in xD Too bad technology isn’t that far yet to make sharing food through screens possible xD

#4: Candy Cane Layer Cake


I don’t think this pick needs any explanations. Annie from Annie’s Noms made this beautiful yet simple cake and I’m completely in love with it. The perfect Christmas celebration cake for those candy cane lovers 🙂 It’s definitely on my ‘to try’ list for next year ^^.

#5: Glazed Chocolate Cake Doughnuts with Peppermint bark


How cool are these Doughnuts! Looking yummy and tasting even better I imagine. Cooking with a Wallflower did a great job on these! Omnomnom.

Can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us this month 😉

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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