Cake Mix Challenge: Cupcake Edition

Hi guys!

Christmas is getting really really close now… Are you guys excited? Christmas Tree all set? Gifts all wrapped? Dinner plans thought out? Awesome Christmas sweaters ready? 😀

I know Christmas can be a real rush. Especially if you’re the one cooking! Best thing you can do is save time wherever you can to get you through the holidays with a smile. And that way you can spend as much tie with your loved ones as possible 🙂 I don’t like saying it, but dessert is something you can ‘cheat’ on.

Looking for something easy but festive and delicious? Cupcakes are always a good idea! They’re easy to make and everyone loves them. How you can save even more time? Use a cake mix for cupcakes.

There are so many different cake mixes. They all look the same but there can be some differences. I’ve decided to try three different cake mixes to let you know which one is best 🙂

It’s on!

#1: Fun Cakes

Fun Cakes is a pretty known brand here in Belgium. Lots of cupcakeries and hobby stores have them. The cupcakes come out nicely and bake evenly. The taste is good, but maybe a little bit too dense for a cupcake. It reminds me of a vanilla cake instead of a cupcake. The mix also says it can be used as a regular cake mix.

#2: De Bakboetiek (The Bake Boutique)

This one is made by a local baking store. They sell their products in their store in Mechelen, Belgium and online. The cupcakes rise a bit more than the other cupcakes from Fun Cakes. The taste is in my opinion better since it really tastes like a cupcake (omnomnom). The texture of these cupcakes is is too. It’s much less dense and you can keep on eating them xD

#3: AVEVE / Horta (Farmer’s Union)

They look a lot like the ones from Fun Cakes. I didn’t manage to bake them 100% even as you can see. It tastes nice and the texture is okay. I feel like this one is inbetween vanilla cake and cupcake. This mix was made by the Farmer’s Union. I don’t know if I say this 100% correctly though.


You can probably guess which one is my favorite 🙂 I guess a local store just puts more love into their products than a mass manufacturer. BUT no panic if you don’t have a local bakery who makes cupcake mixes. All three of them taste delicious and a good frosting can turn every cupcake into a real Christmas treat! (not the burned ones…) Just keep in mind the cupcake-level of each mix.

All though cake mixes seem so much faster, I don’t think it can ever live up to the result you get from adding flour and sugar yourself because there’s not much more to a cupcake than that. But I do understand people wanting to use them. So go ahead and use those mixes to serve your guests some lovely cupcakes!

Happy Holidays!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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