De Statie: expert in second chances

Hi guys!

Last week, the boyfriend and I wanted to try a restaurant in our neighbourhood, De Statie. Our visit didn’t really go the way we had hoped it would be…

Here’s the full story:

On Tuesday, we went to De Statie. It was hot and we didn’t feel like cooking. I suggested to go and try the restaurant I pass by almost every single day. The building looks incredible so I really wanted to go there.

De Statie


Since it was a beautiful day, we decided to find a spot on the terrace. We waited. And waited. Still waited.
20 minutes went by and still no waiter. She had been around us for several times and she had even looked in our direction so we assumed she had seen us! It was past half past eight and we were starving. So we left De Statie with a very unpleasant feeling.

I guess our local snack bar didn’t mind us leaving the restaurant xD

The boyfriend immediately wrote a mail to inform the restaurant about our unpleasant experience with them. We didn’t expect anything from it, but we just had to let them know.

The next day, De Statie had replied our mail. They apologized for our experience and suggested a discount if we would be willing to come again.

So on Friday, I suggested to give De Statie a second chance.

We arrived at the restaurant and got our table immediately.
The waiter told us the boss gave us a free aperitif and a free bottle of wine! We were very happy with that.

The boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our moving-together with this dinner and therefore went for starter, main and dessert 🙂

As a starter, I went for the carpaccio with scallops. I normally always take croquettes with cheese or shrimps but for this occasion it could be something more special.


As a real meat-addict, my choice for the main dish was obvious: Aberdeen steak.
I had mushroom gravy with it and fries. Yummy 🙂


Look at that perfectly baked steak! It was so soft it almost melted in my mouth!

After two beautiful courses, it was time for my favourite: dessert!
I saw ‘chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream’ and I was sold!


Yumm yumm yumm!

p.s. We never ran out of booze! The waiter poored in another glass of wine before our glasses were empty. Result at the end of the night? I got a bit drunk. Just a little…

Did we enjoy De Statie the second time? Absolutely!
I say De Statie is the expert in second chances! Although I hope everyone else gets perfectly served the first time 😉
After visit 1, I was so angry I would never ever go back there and I would definitely not recommend the place.
Now, I would love to go there again because the food is great and it is such a beautiful location!

I hope you guys always get a wonderful experience when trying out new places 🙂

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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