Hi guys!

It’s finally time for our last review about the Press Days.
I think I can honestly say I’ve kept the best for last because Yapado has some awesome brands and lots of food! 😀

The moment I walked in, I fell in love with the clock from Salt & Pepper! It was love at first sight and I just couldn’t keep my eyes off.


Isn’t this pretty?!

Salt & Pepper also has two new collections: Marble and Frost. I love the Marble collection, it’s something different from the usual white plates and everything. The Frost collection is also very cool but I think I might get bored pretty fast.



There were a lot of cool brands! Let’s have a quick look at what beautiful products they have:

Yapado has, as I said before, lots of food! Let’s give you a great overview of what they have:

The ice cream you saw is from ‘ice crime‘. It’s ice cream with stevia so basically it’s a guilty pleasure without the guilt 😉
I loved the ice cream, it didn’t taste like stevia at all! It tasted like a regular vanilla ice cream 🙂 I am definitely buying this!

I really really enjoyed my time at the #YapadoPressDays and I hope I can be there next time!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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