Hi guys!

I went to my first press days ever yesterday!
My friend Nathalie from Pretty Young Things went with me.

We had so much fun! I’m already saving some money because I saw lots of things I want!

This post does not only contain food, but beauty, fashion and home as well!
A little make-up and clothes every once in a while has never killed anyone, right? 😉

Let’s start with a little overview of all the beautiful clothes and accessories we saw at OONA.

My favourite clothes were these three:

I can’t wait for these babies to arrive! I usually never shop at comma, Essentiel, CKS and Terre Bleue but seeing these clothes makes me have to go there!

Have you seen the necklace and the ring from Atelier 11? If not, go have a second look! It is gorgeous! I’d love to have that ring…

If you’re wondering where the food is, no worries! It is right here and it is good!

Going to a fashion agency like OONA, you’d expect some super healthy food. Which is exactly what we got and it was super delicious! I secretly (not so secret anymore now) took pictures of the “menu” so I can make it myself at home 😉

What did I eat: Super healthy and super delicious quinoa with beetroot, lettuce, peas, radish, zucchini, cucumber and little croquettes of feta. Yumm!


OONA also provided us with some desserts… And not all of that was so healthy!

This CroNut from Boule de New York was so delicious I almost died. Seriously! It was that good.


I also got to taste the new yoghurt from Campina.



Our first stop was a success! We saw lovely clothes, beautiful make-up and some really good food!
We even got to take a very cool picture:

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How cool is this?! @nathalievth #OONAWelcomeDays #pressdays

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Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

p.s. I have a little surprise post for you tomorrow!

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2 Thoughts

    1. Dank je 🙂
      Het was heel erg leuk, kan al niet wachten tot de volgende :p
      Het was echt super met Nathalie en zoiets is toch altijd leuker met 2 he 🙂


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