Dreamy Hippos & Chocolate Clouds: Barù

Hi guys!

Remember that awesome stand at Salon du Chocolat? With the colourful wrappings?
Let me help you. It was Barù!

They were so kind to send me a package with their delicious goodies. I felt like a little child who has been given a lollypop when the mailman brought it! A beautiful box with even more beautiful stuff inside!
I LOVE their colourful wrappings! They make you instant happy 😀

And what’s inside makes you even more happy. Barù has come up with super fun names for their products. Their chocolates are called Dreamy Hippo’s and the marshmallows are Chocolate Wrapped Clouds. I love it!

Everything is crazy-delicious!
Now it’s time for you to meet my new loves.

Please say hi to the Dreamy Hippos!


I have to say that little Hippo with caramel is so good!

Barù claims they have the fluffiest mashmallows ever…
They do!
Oh wow, the thought to that chocolate wrapped cloud with caramel and salt alone! Yumm…
These marshmallows are by far the best I’ve ever had and they ARE so fluffy!

We’re not done yet! Barù has also given me their Chai Latte and Fluffy Chocolate Powder. I love that chocolate powder! It makes excellent hot chocolate!

I know I’ve said it before but I love the colours! They’re so happy and fun!

The bars with almonds and stuff are for my mom because I don’t like nuts. Sorry! (I do like to go nuts though, does that count?)


I can tell you I’m so going to give their fun gift packs to my friends! I think Barù is the perfect birthday gift for any chocolate lover! Although I really love the Hippos and the Clouds, I don’t think I could eat them all day, every day. But that’s totally okay because I think they’re too special for that! Oh what a shame it would be if someone would just open a box of Clouds and eat them all at once! You have to enjoy it. Take your time. Surf that cloud! (and don’t forget the Hippo)

I really hope you guys love Barù and if you do, follow them on their social media to stay tuned with every step that Hippo does!
You can find Barù on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course on their website!

Have a delicious day ❤
xxx Sarah

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16 thoughts on “Dreamy Hippos & Chocolate Clouds: Barù

  1. Ong faints! Seriously salted caramel chocolate wrapped over a marshmallow?????? Swoons…is this sold in the UK? Please let it be. I’ve never heard of them. How come they sent you all this free stuff? I see so many bloggers getting free things to review I never get sent a jot lol I’m doing something wrong hah xx

    Liked by 1 person

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