Kokosrotsjes (or Macaroons)

Hi guys!

The recipe I’ll be sharing with you today has absolutely nothing to do with fall, October or Halloween…
It’s just some super delicious AND super easy treat!


I ate my very first macaroon last year. My boyfriend and I went to the Christmas fair (Oh god! Now I’m talking about Chrsitmas already…)
There was this little booth with delicious looking macaroons. (we call them “Kokosrotsjes”) My boyfriend LOVES macaroons so we had to buy some! And that’s where I ate my very first one πŸ™‚
I fell in love immediately, not only because of their amazing taste but also because they looked like little snowballs…

I took the macaroons to school to share with my friends and they loved it! A friend even gave me my biggest compliment ever. She said it tasted just as if a great bakery had made them. I couldn’t be more proud…



What do we need: (15 macaroons)

  • 5 eggs
  • 225 g sugar
  • 275 g dried, grated coconut
  • 4 drops of vanilla aroma
  • 1 orange or mandarine
  • ice cream scoop
  • a casserole
  • a whisk
  • a wooden spoon
  • baking paper

How to:

Preheat the oven at 180 degrees centigrade.

Split the eggs. We only need the eggwhites.
Put the sugar and the eggwhites in a casserole.Put the casserole on the stove but don’t cook it, just heat it.
Mix the eggwhites and the sugar until the sugar is absorbed and the mixture gets a white, foam-like texture.

Add the dried coconut to the mixture. Mix it well together until it’s a smooth batter.
Add the drops of vanilla aroma to it.Scrape the skin of the orange/mandarine and add it to the batter. The scrapings will give the macaroons a fresh touch.

Use the ice cream scoop to make perfect little balls of coconut deliciousness.
Put them on a baking paper and bake them for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade.

If the macaroons are a little brown on top, they’re done!


What I love most about these macaroons is how perfectly moist they are (Can you see it in the picture above?)

I hope you guys enjoy them!
Have a delicious day ❀
xxx Sarah

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  1. They look perfect. I often make macaroons when I have left over egg whites, but next time I will use your method of spooning them with the ice cream spoon. Thanks for the tip.


  2. Well, I absolutely adore macaroons, Sarah! Yours look just perfect; the centre looks soft and chewy and the outside is golden an slightly crunchy! This is perfect for FF! Thanks so much for sharing these with the FF gang! πŸ˜€


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