Summer Pasta

Hi guys!

Today is 21 July. That means it’s Belgian’s National Holiday!

What better way to celebrate than to celebrate with food!
I wanted to go all caloriebombing all over again but have you noticed the weather????
It was SO hot! Odd for me to say, but I actually don’t really feel like eating sweets right now…
Since it’s the National Holiday of Belgium, I thought I should make things we are known for πŸ™‚
But I can’t make my own beer or chocolates… My homemade fries would never live up to the image of the famous Belgian (YES! Belgian) fries…
Oh boy, what a terrible Belgian citizen am I!
So instead, I’m bringing you the PERFECT Summer Pasta! (my mom came up with this :D)Summer pasta
(I know, my knife & fork should be switched, but I always eat like this xD Sorry!)
It is so delicious! And very refreshing actually πŸ˜€
Don’t worry, it’s our National Holiday so in order to be able to enjoy the day, the recipe is very very easy. πŸ˜‰
I’m sure this pasta is perfect for this Holiday so I don’t need to feel guilty ^^
And yes, I am going to eat fries tonight πŸ˜‰Summer pasta3

What do we need:

  • cucumber
  • tomatoes
  • pasta
  • herbs
  • chicory
  • carrots

How to:

Wash and cut all the vegetables.
Cook the pasta.
Mix the vegetables together.
Serve the pasta and add the vegetable-mix.

See, I told you this was easy!

Summer pasta4

I am definitely eating the leftovers tomorrow! This pasta is also great to eat cold πŸ™‚

p.s. I am going to caloriebomb you guys again, soon!

Have a delicious day! ❀
xxx Sarah


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