Fiesta Friday #19: Coffee Biscuit Cupcakes

Woohoo! It’s Friday again! That means my finals are OVER 😀
Oh well, I have French on Tuesday but that won’t cause any problem.

I promised the recipe for my coffee biscuit cupcakes and I thought it’s a great dessert to bring at the party 🙂 So here it is!
It was actually my boyfriend who came up with this idea… Wait, what?! I’m the one who makes the sweets…
Well, not this time apparently…
Anyway, I love this recipe because I can easily adapt it to my own taste 🙂 You’ll figure out why 😉
Oh, so I DID ‘make’ this recipe…


What do we need (+/- 16 cupcakes):
– 22og butter
– 220g cristal sugar
– 220g self-raising flour
– 4 eggs
– biscuits
– cupcake wrappers
– cupcake tin

How to:
First, mix the butter with the sugar until the sugar is completely absorbed.
Then, add the eggs while mixing. Add the flour and mix it all together until it’s a homogeneous mass.
Crush the biscuits to make crumble. Add as many as you like but be careful not to overdo it. I usually use 4 spoons of biscuit cumble.
Fill the wrappers with 2/3 of batter and put them in the oven for about 25 minutes on 180 degrees centigrade.
When they’re done, check by pushing your finger gently on the cupcakes. If they retake their original form, they are done 🙂

While our cupcakes cool, we can make the frosting.

What do we need:
– 500g cream cheese
– 350ml cream (40% fat)
– 125 g powder sugar (You can choose the amount: some like it sweet, some like it sweeter 😉 )
– coffee powder

How to:
Whip the cream. Mix the cream cheese and the powder sugar together.
Add the whipped cream to the cream cheese and powder sugar. Mix it all together very gently.
Add the coffee powder. I usually use 2 spoons.
You can choose the strenght. As I’ve said earlier in this post, it’s competely adaptable 🙂
With my 2 spoons, you’ll get that nice mokka-coffee flavour.
If you want to have a real coffee coffee feeling, just add a little extra.
Tip: taste after every spoon! This way, you’ll always know how the frosting tastes and then you can decide if you want to add or not.

Don’t start frosting the cupcakes until they’re completely cooled. If you do, the frosting will melt and that’s not what we want, do we.
You can choose any decorating tip you like to frost your cupcakes. I really like #2D. It’s the tip which makes roses. Oh well, if you do it properly…
I’m still learning though.

The cupcakes are frosted so I’d say: Take a bite!

Have a delicious day and a wonderful Fiesta Friday! ❤
xxx Sarah

p.s. If you see my mom, hide the cupcakes or there won’t be any left for you guys…



54 thoughts on “Fiesta Friday #19: Coffee Biscuit Cupcakes

  1. Oh wow, a coffee cream cheese frosting…YUM! Can’t wait to try these. Thanks so much for bringing them to the party! Happy Fiesta Friday! 🙂


  2. Wow your icing skills are amazing! And these look so good! I think I’ll just skip coffee and a biscuit in the morning and have these! That’s kinda the same thing… right?


    1. Thank you so much! It’s so sweet of you because I don’t really consider them amazing :p
      Haha yes, for me it’s all the same 🙂 If I would actually drink coffee, I would skip that too and have a cupcake instead 😉


  3. Ah! Congrats on finishing finals!! I’m in summer school right now, so very jealous. 🙂 Thanks for bringing these cupcakes to FF too, I love the heart toppers!


    1. Thank you 😀
      I’m actually not that familiar with summer school but I think it can be fun 🙂 Or am I wrong?
      I’m happy you liked my cupcakes 🙂 Thanks for stopping by ^^ Happy Fiesta Friday!


  4. Sarah, I love your blog layout here but more importantly, thank you for bringing these beautiful treats to to Fiesta Friday. Glad your finals are over . . . have a wonderful time at the Fiesta!


  5. Oh! I need to get some of these before your Mom. 😀 I love love anything coffee! Have to bookmark this! 😉 Thanks for bringing these, Sarah! I am glad that finals are almost over. I love how supportive is your boyfriend! You’re one lucky gal! Happy FF19!


        1. Actually, I don’t 🙂 He is just happy that I have something I’m passionate about ^^ But I do ask him Thijs avout my recipe sometimes 🙂 Although he’s not such a sweet tooth…


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